Is FEELZ lube edible? If so, does it have a taste?

Yes! The huge factor of FEELZ that everyone is loving... there's absolutely NO taste! Our ingredients are vegan therefore not compacted with tons of harsh chemicals that change the taste.

How do I store FEELZ water-based lube? & What’s the shelf life of FEELZ lube?

FEELZ shelf life is 12 months. It must be stored in a dry, cool area. Not directly in the sun. 

Does FEELZ lube really use vegan natural ingredients? 

Yes! & Cruelty free. FEELZ does not test on animals. All our products are carefully curated in a medically grade sanctioned laboratory as well as 100% sanitized at all times. Everyone at our lab washes hands for certain period of time. They're then scrubbed in and wear gloves, gown, hair net, booties.. essentially the same as doctors do before a surgery! 

Is FEELZ lube compatible with condoms? If so, latex, non-latex or all of the above? 

Yes! It's compatible with any/all condoms.

I’ve had an issue before with water-based lubricants. Does FEELZ lube get dry really quickly? 

With all water based lubricants it's near impossible to just use one application throughout the time of intercourse or foreplay. It might need to be used a couple times throughout depending on the length of time being used. FEELZ doesnt dry up or clump up! 

What does FEELZ lube feel like?

Soft, Silky,  Smooth!

Do you offer samples of FEELZ products?

Currently we are working on getting foil packages. Foils are good for 1 use and then you can recycle wrapper.

Do you plan on creating other lubricants such as silicone based, hybrid, anal, warming?

Yes, absolutely! We have many other items in the works!

There’s an issue with my order/product. Who do I contact to fix this?

For any issues, please contact

What is your refund & return policy?

For more information about our return and refund policy, please visit our Refund Page.

Where does FEELZ ship to?

We currently only offering shipping within the US.

What are the payment method options?

We offer various forms of payment, including all credit cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay (payments), Paypal, Meta Pay and Venmo.

How soon after I place my order will my FEELZ package be shipped?

All products are shipped immediately upon ordering.

Hi, I’m an influencer and a huge fan of the brand. How can we work together?

Yes! FEELZ offers an affiliate program where you can make money easily by using your social media platform to promo product with your own provided link(s)